Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA Next-Gen Envisioned

Photo credit: Nikita Chuicko

As we all know by now, the electrification subject regarding the Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Maserati, and even the DS is in full swing. All of these brands are supposed to be all-electric after 2025. Imagining Alfa as full electric is hard and daunting. It is a move that might be the beginning of the demise of the brand, but on the other hand, it could give them an early start to an electric future.

However, we’ll leave that for one of the future articles. Now, let’s focus on the render which envisions the next generation of Alfa Romeo Giulia.

While any of the technical information is scarce to none at the moment, design-wise things are more familiar.

We know for a fact, as it was stated by the design chief of the brand, that the next models of Alfa Romeo will carry the design language of Tonale. So today, we are bringing you a small design study by talented Nikita Chuicko, also known as Kelsonik.

He created the render of Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA which accurately depicts the next-gen of Giulia. As we mentioned above, the design is based on recently unveiled Tonale. The original Giulia has stunning, tamed looks, while this vision takes more of an aggressive approach.

The combination of Tonale headlights and grille give it more of a bold look which in our opinion looks great. However, it does need a bit more refinement before it could enter serial production. In the image below, you can compare them side by side.

Photo credit: Nikita Chuicko

One other thing that we noticed, which follows the automotive trends nowadays, is the larger grille. In our opinion, it is unproportionate to the car, and it would complement the overall design a bit better if it was smaller. Alfa doesn’t need to follow current trends, they need to do their own thing, just like they always did.

Just to remind you Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA was introduced with the GTAm version to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the brand. It is powered by the same 2.9-liter engine from QV which is tuned to produce 540 horsepower. This tuned version of the engine pushes it to 62 mph or 100km/h in 3.6 seconds.


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