Alfa Romeo Giulia 2020 Facelift

Photo credit: Cars with Luke

It’s been almost 4 years since Giulia saw the light of day and now we’re getting the first dose of refreshment in Alfa Romeo Giulia 2020 Facelift. Just as pretty much any Alfa, some love it while some hate it, but Giulia has proven as a worthy competitor to best in the class, like BMW M3 and Mercedes C Class AMG.

Even though it is hard to be unbiased, objectively speaking, it has done even more. Ferrari derived engine, weight balance, agility, responsiveness, etc., brought back those feelings we used to have toward them exceptional cars from the past.

It did have its own set of quirks, but that didn’t make it any less special, if anything, it gave it more character. This new Giulia might be even better, as the main people from this Italian company decided to address these issues. Let’s check out the improvements.

Power train

Even though there isn’t any official information from the company, we got some info regarding Alfa Romeo Giulia 2020 Facelift power train. The engine lineup is going to be the same with an addition of hybrid version, which could supposedly push out as much as 650HP.

Even though that information is still speculative, the introduction of ERS or energy recovery system could be implemented, justifying high HP numbers. Hybrid could also mean better economy which would broaden the market for this Italian sedan. Alfa has big plans for their hybrid in development because they are planning to use in most of their future models.


Although beautiful, the company decided to touch upon the interior as well, changing the center console with an addition of new materials, and more importantly, implementing the new 8.8-inch touch screen for the infotainment system. Those are pretty much the only changes interior is going to receive, with only a possibility of new trim levels. An issue with seat ventilation – heating/cooling, has not been discussed.

Photo credit: RonsRides


When it comes to exterior new Alfa Romeo Giulia 2020 Facelift will receive some changes but nothing too major. Front and rear bumpers might get retouched, and the biggest, among small changes, are newly redesigned headlights and taillights. However, take that information with a reserve since there is no official info available discussing these new components. Two new colors will be added to the model’s palette – Verde Visconti and Blu Anodizzato.

Safety Systems

Main people of Alfa decide to improve on safety systems as well. We’ll start with a lane departure control, as that’s the replacement for outdated lane departure warning system. Another very useful implementation is Intelligent Cruise Control.

Its job is to adjust the vehicle speed according to traffic signals, and that could make a ride much more enjoyable. Last but not least is the Fatigue Assistant which detects the driver’s level of alertness.

Giulia is a fine car as it is, will the new Alfa Romeo Giulia 2020 Facelift be better, only time will tell. But, judging by this info, it might come even closer to perfection.

UPDATE: 31 October 2019

As we can see from recently published material, new Alfa Romeo Giulia 2020, as well as the Stelvio will bring us numerous features from which level 2 autonomy might stand out the most. It is the system similar to one found in Tesla, and it will offer more automatization when it comes to highway driving.

Besides this, both models will offer forward collision warning and 1 year connected services which will provide numerous perks like remote updates, and Wi-fi hot spots. Besides mentioned updates, there are numerous refreshment intended to attract new buyers and make the buying process easier.

You can check them out all in the released pamphlet below. We are also bringing you a photo of newly redesigned center console.


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