358 Brand Recalls in 2021 – How did Alfa Romeo Do?

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Vehicle recalls have become a normal occurrence nowadays. The good old times when cars were thoroughly tested are over, and we get our favorite brand models straight from the production lines.

That, of course, is never a good thing, and we as consumers tend to get the shorter end of the stick.

The illogical thing about the whole situation is that manufacturers spend enormous amounts of money on the recalls, so wouldn’t it be better if they directed the same efforts in proper vehicle testing?

The answer is yes, but their profits would probably be lower, and they can’t have that. The European Commission for Consumer Protection came up with this list and they stated that most recalls are related to the engine malfunction(109), which is followed by fire risk(105), air bag issues(94), braking systems(84), suspension(73), and lastly the electric powertrain(62)…

The sad thing about this whole situation is that number of recalls has increased sixfold in the last 10 years. Now that we got our frustrations out in these few sentences, let’s check out some of the brands and how they fare with the recalls in 2021. Let’s start with the infamous first place on our list which goes to the Mercedes with 67 recalls.

The synonym for the German quality got this unpopular title, and they are followed by 3 other German brands, the Volkswagen(25), Audi, Opel(19 both), and one French one positioned in the middle, the Citroen which had 21 recalls.

So how did our favorite brand, the Alfa Romeo, fare? Turns our very good. The Alfa is at the bottom of the list, along with Lamborghini, and Bentley with only 3 recalls. Check out the list below, and see most of the brands and the number of recalls they had for the year of 2021.






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