Two-Door Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm – Stunning Successor to the Legend

Photo credit: Andras Veres

Yes, we know, you are tired of looking at renderings, you would rather have the real thing. So are we. However, sometimes the renderings are the only thing we got to keep our hopes up. At the moment all we are seeing are SUVs and crossovers, and while we understand their necessity, we need something sporty worthy of carrying the Alfa Romeo badge.

While anything fitting that description is still years away, we got the CGIs to keep us occupied.

So, today we are bringing you yet another next generation GTAm vision by a very talented artist from Germany Andras Veres.

His vision, like many others, used the Tonale design language for inspiration, and in this instance, we have to admit it looks amazing.

However, one thing which separates this rendering from the rest is the fact that it is envisioned in coupe form, and as we all know GTAm didn’t come as the coupe. His vision also comes with rims which are not really characteristic of Alfa Romeo. Whether they look good, you be the judge.

Now that we are on the subject of the next-gen Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm, we have to mention one more artist, the Kelsonik. As you can see below his interpretation looks just as amazing, however, he left it in saloon form.

Photo credit: Kelsonik

In the end, we have to admit that both of these renderings look stunning, and if Stellantis decides to give a green light to something like this, it will sell. Hopefully, if that happens, the next GTAm won’t come as only electric. The current V6 powerplant from QV will do just fine…


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