Finally Some Great News – Check Out Tonale’s Sales Numbers

Photo credit X-Tomy Design

Alfa Romeo Tonale has been a conversation subject among many Alfisti for quite a while now. The main reason is that not many of us considered it a real Alfa. However, the company must survive and we have to accept it regardless of the fact that it might not be as special as some of the previous Alfa Romeo models.

It seems that the enthusiasm projected by Stellantis regarding this particular model was justified after all.

The brand actually has to implement the second shift in the factory where Tonale is produced to cope with the demand.

We are talking about a complex in Italy where Fiat Panda is produced as well. The factory in question did great in 2022 and had a production growth of 34%

Even though Stellantis didn’t manage to start with sales in all markets, the demand is still very high. It is currently sold in European and Japanese markets, while it is expected to hit sales in North America in several months. When it comes to price, Tonale Sprint, for example, is going to start at $43,000.

Now let’s discuss the sales numbers. The brand’s first crossover started strong and quickly reached more than 11000 units sold in Europe, which might not seem as much, but the company revealed in November another 35000 customers on the waitlist.

The model is currently offered as a mild hybrid, and diesel in Europe, but the situation is going to be a bit different in the US, as some of the variants will not be available. Just to remind you, Stellantis expects the Tonale to breathe new life into Alfa Romeo and speculates that 40% of all sales in the next decade will be from the US, and Asian markets.

In the end, we have to mention the Dodge Hornet which is basically cloned Tonale. It already has a long waiting list, and expected annual sale numbers exceed 40 000.


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